From the very inception of our products to the final touch, every step is a journey in itself, filled with dedication, creativity, and meaningful experiences.

Ishani Kanani 

Emerging from a humble entrepreneurial family where running a business was instinctual, she started this brand in 2012 while pursuing her master’s degree in Sculpture from MSU Fine Arts from a very small 10x10 room space. This gave her a profound appreciation for space and resources. This newfound consciousness inspired her to design products that were not only space-saving but also collapsible, detachable, or completely foldable.
It’s very simple to say, ‘Why don’t people do anything about it?’ and realizing you are one of them. This realization made me understand that there is an abundance of waste (resources) already in the world. Why use virgin fabric? Whether it was hand-me-down clothes or grandmother’s old sarees, repurposing and upcycling should be part of our everyday life.
Drawing inspiration from simple origami techniques, the designs are not only functional but also eco-conscious.

Sustainability and Us
Fashion shouldn’t harm the planet or exploit people. We’re committed to honest, fair practices and no greenwashing.

We believe in providing fair income and favorable working conditions to women coming from extraordinary circumstances, enabling them to change their future.

Our circular production model gives existing materials new life, reducing our footprint by avoiding the use of virgin fabrics, with a zero-waste policy.

We’re here to make fashion kinder and more sustainable, one step at a time.

“Waste isn't waste until we waste it” - WILL.I.AM.