From the very inception of our products to the final touch, every step is a journey in itself, filled with dedication, creativity, and meaningful experiences.

Ishani Kanani 

"I once hoped for someone to take action... only to realize I am that someone."

She believes that there's already an abundance of waste in the world to repurpose, and that conviction fuels her dedication to resource optimization.

 Her remarkable journey began with deep-rooted values passed down through generations. From a young age, she learned the art of upcycling, reusing, and borrowing rather than constantly buying new, all of which were cherished traditions within her family. Raised in a modest middle-class household, her father instilled in her the significance of independence. After completing her master's degree in sculpture from the Visual Arts, she embarked on a path that would lead to the creation of Lukka Chuppi.

 Starting her venture from the confines of a humble 10x10 ft room, she gained a profound appreciation for space and resources. This newfound consciousness inspired her to design products that embodied collapsibility, detachability, and space-saving features. Simple origami techniques became her creative muse, resulting in products that were not only functional but also eco-friendly.


inspired by minimalism, detail-oriented craftsmanship and sheer passion for Art and Design.Our story began in 2012, driven by a singular vision: to create sustainable, stylish, and enduring products. In a world defined by rapid fashion, consumerism, and the insatiable desire for excess, we aspire to catalyze a modest yet authentic shift in our approach to ownership through our product offerings.

At Lukka Chuppi, we take pride in our homegrown approach. Every product we craft is a testament to our commitment to sustainability. We use up-cycled materials and draw inspiration from the art of origami, ensuring that our creations occupy minimal storage space. What's more, many of our products are multifunctional, thoughtfully designed to serve multiple purposes. We enjoy the art of blending materials, harnessing their unique qualities to create items that are not only visually appealing but also incredibly practical.

At our core, we hold culture in high regard, recognizing its significance alongside our business pursuits. We acknowledge that the process of creating our bags is just as valuable and profound as the end result. 

“Waste isn't waste until we waste it” - WILL.I.AM.