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Meeh 4 in 1 Box clutch

Meeh 4 in 1 Box clutch


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Made from upcycled fabric, Re-claimed wood, Corrugated paper.

Sustainability: If we used virgin fabric and dyes our carbon footprint and water usage would be off the charts. Instead, our circular production uses upcycled Fabrics sourced directly from Block printer, and post production waste by local Tailors and Designers.. The Lukka Chuppi Box Clutch Embodies The Perfect Blend Of Elegance, And Sustainability While Showcasing An Irresistibly Minimalistic Style. We Believe In The Power Of Up-Cycling And Hand-Craftsmanship To Create Beautiful, Sustainable Bags That Not Only Make A Fashion Statement But Also Contribute To A Better Planet. Our 4-in-1 Clutch Box includes one pair of wood and four sleeves, allowing you to effortlessly create four different clutches, each in a unique size, one at a time. It also comes with two differently colored belts for added style. Our products are not only collapsible but also interchangeable and entirely foldable. Packaged in zero-waste packaging, they are crafted with eco-friendly materials such as upcycled fabric and reclaimed wood.
The Box contains:
1. 4 sleeves of different sizes
2. 1 set of wood
3. 2 sling belts
4. 1 instruction card

All packed in a cotton bag. Dry and Vacuum clean only.
Try perc-free spot clean when needed.

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    Since It’s inception, Lukka Chuppi has been committed to creating innovative, effective and sustainable designs. We hand craft contemporary home decor, stationery, and lifestyle products from Up-cycled leftover fabric and non animal based materials, collected from various cultures. Drawing inspiration from minimalistic origami techniques, our aim is to make products that celebrate aesthetics while being socially and ecologically responsible.


    We strive to be a part of the change our environment needs. Our aim is to bring to you aesthetically beautiful and functionally optimal products that fulfil your needs while also making sure we leave a green world behind us.


    Every Artisan and Member of our team is encouraged to think outside the box to come up with solutions, at each and every step, to mend issues and defects in their piece of the final product. They are trained to collect any and all waste in separate bins, which in turn further processed for our Zero Waste Product Line. Our aim is to bring to you products that are uniqely engaging while also being ecologically sustainable.


    We run a flexible manufacturing model that carries out production de-centrally, enabling our workers to be able to work from home at their convenience. In doing so, we strive to help our team members sustain their lives both professionally as well as personally. across the nation.

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